Greece is located in South Eastern Europe, south of the Balkan Peninsula, in the Eastern Mediterranean. Impressively enough, its coastline reaches a length of more than 13,670 km.


Greece is a topographically diverse country so it has many different climates. For the most part, the weather follows a typical Mediterranean climate pattern with nice, dry summers and mild rainy winters.

General Information

The language spoken is Greek, and the currency is the Euro. The religion of 85% of the population is Orthodox Christian, enjoying harmonious relationships with the other religious groups throughout the country.

Time Zone GMT + 2.

Greek Emergency Numbers

Police: 100

Tourist Police: 1571

Ambulance Service: 166

SOS Doctors: 1016

Duty Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies: 1434

European Emergency Number: 112

Fire Brigade: 199

Poisoning First Aid: 210 7793777